What is a pangolin? Google Valentine’s Day doodle series & pangolin game come to desktop

After launching its first Valentine’s Day doodle two days ago on mobile, Google is now sharing the doodle and its accompanying game on desktop.

According to Google, the animal is not only the world’s only scaly mammal, it is also the world’s most trafficked mammal.

To raise awareness around the threat these animals face from poachers and smugglers, the site has created different versions of its Valentine’s Day Doodle game. In each, a pangolin makes its way across various terrains like Ghana, India and China — collecting cocoa beans, musical notes and, today, ribbons.

Google’s Valentine’s Day doodle series began over the weekend when the site launched the first of its doodles, but only on mobile.

Since Saturday, Google has used its doodle to promote different types of pangolins — today’s featured species is the Chinese pangolin. Each of the doodles include a sharing icon, a heart icon that displayed a variety of pangolin facts and a search icon that serves up results for “what is a pangolin” query.

Today is the first day the doodle has displayed on Google’s desktop home page as well as on mobile.

To help save the pangolins, the Google Doodle Blog points readers to the World Wildlife Fund: “To learn more about the pangolin’s plight and to support WWF’s efforts to save the pangolin and other endangered species.”

Google is using this Valentine’s Day to show its love for the pangolin, an endangered animal whose natural habitat stretches across Asia and Africa.


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